Robert Dominic Cobb

Master of Arts

SYSTEMATIC – Konzeption und Entwurf einer Web-App für Content und Data Management

As part of the master’s thesis SYSTEMATIC, a platform for managing content and data was designed and developed. BACKPACK is as a comprehensive “hypersystem,” a system that can be used for creating, organizing, and managing other systems, for instance websites or apps. The presentation layer can be integrated or implemented independently using the API, in other words it can be decoupled.

As a multifaceted system, it combines various technologies, such as graph databases, declarative components, and multimedial capabilities. While BACKPACK incorporates elements of content management systems and databases, it cannot be considered either due to its flexible range of use cases.

The semantic and hierarchical data structures at its core enable the creation of reactive data models, which update automatically in response to changes. This allows the user to utilize BACKPACK in anything from scalable web apps to AI. Users can interact with the system both programmatically as well as visually, through the user interface.